After-burn effect

by Andrea on October 19, 2014

FIRE 2 jpg 1 jpg 300x229 After burn effectWhat is the ‘”after-burn effect”?

The after-burn effect is defined as the calories burned after your workout is completed.  Who doesn’t want to continue burning calories AFTER their workout?!?  More bang for your buck!

How do you receive the after-burn effect?

Research shows you’re more likely to continue burning calories after a high intensity interval training (HIIT).  These don’t have to be long workouts, the key is the intensity. HIIT workouts involve intervals of high intensity separated by short intervals of low intensity or complete rest.  The moves themselves aren’t as important as the intensity/rest intervals.  This means you can do HIIT workouts with running, lunges, pushups, weights, or any physical activity.  You can mix it up and make every interval a different move or you can stick to one format.  Overall, it’s recommended to mix up your workouts to ensure you’re working your entire body.

Does the workout have to be an hour?

No!  HIIT workouts are designed to burn you out within 15-30 minutes!  Because they are so intense for short intervals, if you’re pushing hard enough, you’ll complete your workout in a shorter period of time.

How long will calories continue to burn at a higher rate after my workout?

Some research shows that increased calorie and fat burning can occur for many hours after a HIIT workout!  The length of time depends on the intensity you workout with as well as your overall metabolism.

What’s the science of metabolism?Muscle vs fat 300x178 After burn effect

The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories are burned throughout the day.  Muscle is active tissue, requiring calories just to survive.  Fat is inactive tissue requiring no calories to remain.  This is why weight or resistance training is critical to your success!  Don’t worry about bulking up…muscle is more condense than fat.  So pound for pound, muscle takes up less room than fat, making you smaller overall even when you weigh the same.

Do HIIT training at home!

Looking for a fun solution for doing interval training at home?  Check out Turbo Fire, Insanity, or Focus T25 for world-class training in the comfort of your own home!

Have a question?  I’ll help you – directly or through my next post!  Contact me today!


3-Day Refresh

by Andrea on October 5, 2014

10440169 261735447348009 5660714403497098543 n 300x240 3 Day RefreshAre you ready to get back on track, clean out your body and improve your nutrition?

Gain energy, lose weight, feel great and detox your system in just 3 days.

No starvation or liquid-only diet involved.  Cleanse with healthy, delicious foods and shakes.

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PiYo is available!

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